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BAR MAGIC was founded to bring people together and to have a great time. No matter the age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin, we will always come together to celebrate any occasion and special event. One of our goals is to help support in putting an end to discrimination, racism, and hate over all. 

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Along the way we have learned it is very important to love and show love to everyone and everything. A simple start is to recycle and keep our planet green. Did you know that according to a recent study 10 million tons of plastic is making it's way into the ocean every year. Eventually dissolving into the ocean creating a toxic soup. At this rate it is predicted that in 25 years there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish. Oceans cover 60% of our earth if not more. Support us in our move to help mother nature by simply recycling your everyday plastics.

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Great Cocktails

Every one of our delicious cocktails is made with fresh ingredients and tailored for every individual client's desire.