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Phoenix Mobile Bartenders-Barmagic

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Let's be the Modern Twist in Liquid Catering Together.

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Bartenders Helping Bartenders

Founded to bring people together no matter the age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or ethnic origin, our BARMAGIC team will always come together to celebrate life. One of our goals is to create jobs for anyone who likes to genuinely meet new people and make everyone feel welcomed at the bar. 

If you are interested in applying for a bartender's position with our BARMAGIC team.. Search on Facebook under "Groups" and type "Bartenders helping Bartenders" or you can apply directly through our Facebook page which is @Barmagic.Az

Thank you for your interest! Cheers.

BARMAGIC Established 2015

The BARMAGIC team here in Arizona was created only a few weeks after dating each other in December of 2014. 

Hence the photo on the right - Felipe & Odalys

Our goal as a couple is to help create opportunities for other bartenders. We owe it to the help of our amazing bartender friends who have stayed with us through our amazing journey that we continue to build. 

Creating this passion into a business and now into opportunities for other people has turned into a dream come true. 

Let's dream BIG. Cheers!

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the #BARMAGIC team

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Our team cannot wait to see the magic you capture.