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Phoenix Mobile Bartenders-Barmagic



Staying Social with The BARMAGIC team...

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Boos & Booze 10/26/2021

In case you are wondering what the BARMAGIC team is up to this month, join us as we gather and mingle in this BOOS & BOOZE event happening October 26, 2021.

Click the link to purchase tickets, see you all there if you dare.

Our Story

Felipe & Odalys to be wed 12/7/21

From our engagement in Florida 7/4/21 to our elopement this December, we are beyond blessed to be able to celebrate in Hawaii this coming winter. It has been an adventure as a couple to learn and grow together within this business. As time quickly accelerates we are grateful to serve our community and show support to awesome vendors looking to grow their audience.

We love to connect and support other aspiring artists within the community. 

To this, we add a section to our photo services under "Photography," which will be a list of local professional talented photographers for you to view their work and choose your preferred artist. 

Cheers! Our gift to you. 

Artists Like @Chloestantonphoto

The image to the left is one of our favorites from Chloe's gallery she created for us. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more colorful candid photography.

Artists like

The image to the right is by Mariel. Her attention to detail and quick work ethic is very impressive. Be sure to follow more of her work on Instagram. 

October 2021 presents Oshoot.Az

This month marks the 1 year anniversary for Oshoot Photography. This service is provided by your very own bartender and creative director Odalys. Since her engagement with co-founder Felipe this year in July, they realized they are but a number in this whirlwind of wedding experts and vendors. As a source to many brides and grooms, they have decided to add this photo service as a branch to the BARMAGIC business. Now offering future brides and grooms 10% off their photography service through Oshoot.Az. Please note, in order to receive this discount, you must book through the BARMAGIC team and/or hire a bartender altogether day of your event.

Message our team to find out more information to book with us or give us a call directly, at 623-313-5826.

Cheers to great deals and happily ever afters! 

Bartenders helping Bartenders 

2021 has brought many ups and downs for everyone including our own BARMAGIC team. With this passion for our business we decided to rebrand our company's intention to serve our community. Our BARMAGIC team is working hard everyday to ensure we can provide the best service and job opportunities for our guests and bartenders.

Bartenders Helping Bartenders is created 




COVID-19 BARMAGIC Service Update

As 2020 continues to surprise everyone, the February fun ended just as quick as the Devour Culinary Classic 2020 weekend came to a wrap. Our last stop of fun for now has been at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ. 

With everyone practicing social-distancing, all events and fun plans continue to get postponed. But this does not stop our BARMAGIC team. Support your local businesses by ordering TOGO.  Our BARMAGIC team thought to create a program that delivers premium cocktail kits to your home. Sourcing the ingredients from local purveyors and preparing the craft mixers ourselves. Enjoy delicious fresh cocktails at the convenience of your home. Let our BARMAGIC team bring the bar to you. Any special requests, let our BARMAGIC team know what you have in mind. Cheers. Stay safe and healthy everyone. 

Devour Culinary Classic 2020

Location: Desert Botanical Garden 1201 N. Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Dates for BARMAGIC: February 22nd & 23rd - VIP Lounge

The BARMAGIC team is excited to be part of the 11th annual most anticipated culinary event in the region, the Devour Culinary Classic at Desert Botanical Garden 2/22 & 2/23. 

BARMAGIC is thrilled to let you all know that we will be serving up 4 different cocktails in the VIP lounge celebrating Mardi Gras..

 If you have not grabbed your tickets already be sure to head over to Instagram and follow us @BARMAGIC.AZ our team will be posting local giveaways for extra tickets. You can also head to the for more information and ticket prices. 

passed events 2019


DROVE, Your New Favorite Spirit

We are happy to be part of Wild Hare Distillery and introduce DROVE. A 100% Blue Agave Spirit, that will replace your current go-to alcohol. Nothing like any agave base spirit you have ever had. Smooth from beginning to end, it leaves you wanting more. Geat in any cocktail, neat or on the rocks. However you enjoy it, you can not go wrong.

‚Äč Barmagic will be serving up cocktails at the Wild hare distillery Friday and Saturdays from 3pm to 8pm. We are also taking reservations for private events. If you want to have your next birthday, team building, or just want a tasting with your friends and family. We are more than happy to accommodate all your needs!

Do not hesitate, we are booking up fast and wouldn't want you to miss out on our magic touch.


Arizona Craft Spirits & cocktail festival 

We have decided to work with Wild hare distillery and create a cocktail program for them. We will be introducing three delicious creations that will be featured on the cocktail menu at the distillery. you can grab one before our grand opening at the Arizona craft spirits & cocktail festival. We will have giveaways and prizes along with our drinks. Our Bargician Felipe will be at the booth performing some magic for everyone. So stop by have a drink and enjoy Your Saturday evening with Barmagic! 

April 27th, 2019 3 pm- 9 pm

Dr.Aj Chandler Park 

178 East Commonwealth Ave

Chandler, Arizona

1/4 mile south of Chandler Blvd