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Phoenix Mobile Bartenders-Barmagic

Photo Services

Recommended by The BARMAGIC Team


Welcome to the 

BARMAGIC Photography Page

Hello, my name is Odalys, call me O. I am so happy you made it this far to find out more about the photo services our BARMAGIC team has to offer. If I have not mixed up a cocktail for you at your event already, please know this bar service has been here way before I started my journey in professional photography back in October of 2020.  It is this bar business that has encouraged me to follow my dreams in photography and really focus on the type of service I wish to provide for all who come seeking photography through our BARMAGIC team. 

When you decide to hire Oshoot.Az photography services you not only get me as your photographer but the BARMAGIC team is also available to help you set up for your event! I plan to help brides with planning to coordinating the perfect photoshoot for their special day. 

Through my art, I love to create beauty and express self love by using flowers and incorporating natural elements. All to which these details are specially curated for your shoot. 

My only advice to you as a photographer is to be sure you compare styles of edit and personalities to best match yours when booking a photoshoot. I have taken the liberty to provide further options of select photographers we recently were blessed enough to work with and now you too can choose from them too.

I like to consider the Oshoot.Az Photography Style as VIBRANT AND NATURAL.

Contact Email: Oshoot[email protected] 


Below you will see a combination of Oshoot performance, inspiration, and a lot of planning between photographers Odalys & Chloe Stanton and her husband Calvin. Altogether, we made our wedding dream a reality. We did 4 different photoshoots in 4 different locations within 4-5 hours of transport and photos. Here is the sneak peek Chloe provided for us within 48hrs of getting married. You can see all the details here. 


Tucson, Az


Colorful, candid and carefree is Chloe's style! She loves to capture genuine happiness all while artfully telling your unique story. 

We met Chloe through a styled shoot and fell in love with her performance from the moment we met her to 48 hrs later in receiving these sneak peeks from her. Along with her quick turnaround time on photos, we chose Chloe to be our elopement photographer because of the colorful editing style she presents. 

Photography style: Colorful and Candid

Chloe's Contact Information:

Business Instagram: @Chloestantonphoto

Email: [email protected]


Still looking for a photographer? Here is a list of our favorite creatives we have worked with in the past. 

Professional, courteous, reliable and talented.



Phoenix, Az

Quick turnaround time!!! Not only talented in catching the details but she also bakes. Shhhhhh. Don't let the secret out, her natural talent to stay creative and coordinate shoots in a fast paced environment is truly amazing.

We met Mariel through a styled shoot and fell in love with her quick  performance and attention to detail. 

Photography style: Naturally Golden and Detail Oriented  

Mariel's Contact Information:

Business Instagram:

Email: [email protected]


Phoenix, Az


2 words for Mandi's beautiful artwork: moody and natural. Mandi is sweet and very creative! She has a very keen eye for details and matches your romanticism perfectly to your spirit. We had so much fun getting photographed by Mandi which is precisely why she has made it to our top 5 favorites to suggest to you! 

We met Mandi through a styled shoot in Phoenix and fell in love with her quiet creative work flow. Through out our modeling, she was able to direct us to how we needed to pose to create the art she was seeking. This experience was one to never forget. 

Photography style: Naturally Moody and Timeless

Mandi's Contact Information:

Business Instagram: @memoriesbyMandi_

Email: [email protected]


Tucson, Az


Cristina is based in Tucson and if your are interested in bringing her to Phoenix, she will definitely make the drive. Her work is definitely worth it!

We met Crisitina through a styled shoot in Phoenix and loved every bit of our shoot. She has captured some of the best photos for this bride and groom, on where she definitely did not disappoint. 

Photography Style: Clean and Clear

Cristina's Contact Information:

Business Instagram: @saguaroandsunsetphotography

Email: [email protected]


 AZ to FL


Marifher is unique and creative and from Florida! For all the love birds looking to travel  to East Coast waters, she may be the one you want to hire. From your wedding here in Az to your honeymoon in Florida or South Carolina, you bet she can guide you to the best areas to correlate you special day photos. 

We met Marifher through a styled shoot in Phoenix and loved every one of our resulted photos.

Photography Style: High contrast with a very natural style.

Marifher's Contact Information:

Business Instagram: @uncoverxphotography

Email: [email protected]