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Phoenix Mobile Bartenders-Barmagic


Planning your Wedding? Let us take it from here so you can focus on having a great time on your big day! Newly engaged and excited for your new bright future, the last thing you want to worry about is how to serve your loved ones. We handle all your wedding needs when it comes to the bar. Our experts will create signature his and hers cocktails. 

Servers, Champagne toast, Bar, Bartenders


Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

 Now that you have decided to make the big step. Our team would be more then happy to help plan your bachelor/bachelerette party. All you need to worry about is location and alcohol and we will take care of the rest. We want to bring all your closest friends and family together to celebrate you and your upcoming Wedding.

Tend to your Needs

Are you ready to trust the BARMAGIC team to take care of all you bar needs!? YES, let's go! 

Cocktail Classes are available to purchase as a package online no matter where you live!

 Please contact our BARMAGIC team for more information here. 


Bartenders for any event / Mobile bar / Mixer Packages / Cocktail Classes / Cocktail Tastings / Cocktail Hour / Photography Services / DJ Music Services 


Bartenders for any event / Mixer Packages + Magic Bartender available for travel / Photography Services 


Magic Bartender available for travel + Photography Services



Magic Bartender available for travel + Wedding Photography


Mixer Packages coming soon!

Magic Bartender available for travel. 

Photography Services